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3. Generally accepted use policy.

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4. Description of all offered services.

The site's goal is present all public activities concerning our organisation and affiliates

NovuTech prides itself in providing the web site the most current information. Novutech, or any of its affiliates, however, shall not be held responsible for inaccuracies in the information presented.

All informations on the site are given for reference only and can be subject to modification. Consequently, all informations on aren't exhaustive. They subject to any and all modifications since the inception of the site

5. Contractual limits on technical data.

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6. Limited liability.

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Interaction within this this web site's space (forums, emails, etc) are at the user's discretion. Novutech reserves to right to delete and/or modify, without warning, any/all submitted content. If appropriate, NovuTech also reserves the legal right to hold users legally responsible for all content submitted most notably all content of a racist, hateful, or pornographic nature regardless of medium.

7. Rights to privacy

No personal information is collected from using this website. No information is relayed, sent or otherwise sold to any third party whatsoever. Private communications using any of this site’s services, however, may be intercepted. Do not post any personal information or any information that could lead to a violation of anyone’s rights to privacy. If you wish to communicate any sensitive information please use the following email address: All addresses of all types (postal, electronic, etc) will never be collected or sent to any third parties. According to Canadian law regarding Information Technology, relating to freedoms and files, you retain all rights related to access to information and publication pertaining to you as an individual. Any client may contact in the section << Contact Us >> at the top of the page for such inquiries.

8. Site modification

The appointed Publication Manager reserves all rights concerning the modification and correction of any content on the site Additionally, if applicable, these legal Terms and Conditions may change accordingly.

9. Links to other websites and cookies

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10. Lexicon

User : All user of the website mentioned herein.

Personal Information : informations that may, in any form, directly or not, identify physical individuals to which they apply.